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Concert Series for Older Adults - Especially designed for Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care homes.

A Note From the Performer:

Hello! I am Jen Anderson, and I am a clarinetist, flutist, and saxophonist. I have been deeply moved by the positive response that music brings in the lives of the elderly population. Since November 2016, I have been playing solo concerts at assisted living and memory care homes. I also work as a caregiver at one of these homes. Getting to know the residents personally has helped me to gain deeper insight into their needs, and has helped me to craft concert programs that seek to meet those needs. I may never know the full extent to which music has enriched their lives, but I can certainly see the smiles on their faces! 

Concerts at independent living and assisted living residences are presented with a traditional solo recital approach. Each concert is based on a theme such as seasons, musical time periods, or composers. Audience participation, conversation, and questions enhance each performance.

My concert programs for people living with dementia are designed to be flexible, and to meet the needs of the audience in front of me. I encourage participation, ideas, questions, and even dancing! I have learned that I cannot expect one group of residents to respond the same way as another group of residents, and that it is my job to see this and respond accordingly. I like my concerts to be as personal and engaging as possible. I play classically based music for clarinet, flute, and saxophone - often these pieces are arrangements of works by composers like Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven - with the occasional polka and Irish jig!

- Jen

 Happy Hour Programs

In addition to specialized programs, How Sweet the Sound Studios also offers lunchtime, dinner time, and happy hour performances. Musical selections include pieces for clarinet, flute, and saxophone from the vast classical repertoire. Past programs have included:

The Clarinet and Saxophone Music of J. S. Bach

Beauty of the Late Baroque

The Music of Paul DeVille

Encores of the Eighteenth Century

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